Course Descriptions

Listed below is an outline and brief description of course work available. These classes can be taken singularly,  in combination but sequentially may make more sense to the participant.  The first listings of classes  are also  presentations that have been successfully used with companies’ wellness committees and staff training.  This is a multiple media approach.

Business are beginning to realize that more and more evidence supports the need for understanding, acceptance and incorporation of many employee instruction in the areas of energy medicine, breath-work, relaxation techniques and wellness.  With the enormous costs of insurance and health care and the need for many us to take more responsibility in our health incorporation of wellness approach has become as normal element of work.

Topics that I have presented have included stress management, relaxation tools, complementary health options, etc.  Feel free to e-mail me with questions:

Class and workshop components:

  • De-stressing
  • The power of intent
    • Shifting patterns of thought
    • Slowing the pace down
    • The effects of meditation
    • The effects of prayer
    • The effect of breath
    • The effects of energy
    • The effects of intention
    • Placebo effects
    • Time redefinition – Forward/back
    • Seed planting
      • Ticket stamping – The Four Winds
      • Power of words – The Four Agreements
  • Research
    • LEF
    • Electromagnetic activity
    • Chakras
    • Meridians
      • Acupressure
      • Zero Balancing
    • We are more than we appear


  • Specific techniques which can be easily learned
    • Relaxation
    • The power of nature
    • Working with trauma
    •  Hand and head holds
    • EMDR/Tappas
    • Breath
    • Other


  • Quantum physics – Taking the next step
  • Specific explorations and initiations (The Four Winds Society) 
    • Sacred space
    • Soul’s journey
    • Divination
    • Munay-ki  (
    • Gratitude and honoring
    • Ceremony
    • Dying Consciously (
    • Reiki – Attunement, training and support for all levels
    • Other healing modalities
    • Drumming and sounds
    • Divination
    • Inner Journey work
    • Meditation
    • Retreats/workshops
    • Rituals

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