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As of late I have been presenting and participating in discussions at the Maine Hoilstic  Center on Energy Medicine, “Emotional Code” by Dr. Nelson; “Power Vs Force by Dr. Hawkins; and developing an individual practice of “Heart Yoga” by Andrew Harvey.

Inspirational movies are also scheduled to occur at Aqua Pura in Bangor.

For more information follow me on Facebook under Maine Sacred Practices.  You can also e-mail me at susan@mainesacredpractices.com or call 207-945-5825.  Blessings to you all.



House Blessings 

If you are moving to a new home or office or if your present situation leaves you with the desire to enhance  your surroundings.  A House/Office Blessing could provide you with a final touch.


These Blessings can shift the energy allowing you to fill your  spaces with love and intention.   Adding a Feng Shui attunement would continue this energy shift.  Free consultations are available.



A welcoming to clients:

My practice is a multiple modality experience to healing and well being.  This practice incorporates a mind-body-spirit.  Throughout my experiences, I have come to the realization that when we are feeling out of sort, in pain, uncomfortable, or in a state of dis-ease; one of these aspects of ourselves is often out of balance.  My approach, with your permission, would be to investigate these areas and incorporate the findings into your sessions.   In doing so, there may be a shift in the roles I present to you from massage therapist to energy medicine practitioner to facilitator/supported or guide as we investigation whatever may be presented. 

Please accept this invitation to express your desires in the service(s) you receive.  As they say,”you are the captain of your world” my role is to assist and support you.  If you wish to maintain only a body focus approach (such as massage), those skills I have been trained in are available to you.  If you wish for more information on specific areas, I maintain a lending library or can give you other resources.  If you wish to explore spiritual direction, we can open this door together as well.  Your sessions will consist of the choices you desire.

I believe that information is power and empowerment and individual pursuits are necessary to health and harmony.   Above all, at anytime, you are uncomfortable in your sessions, know that this is a prime concern to me, please let me know if modifications should be made.  This is your time, your session, and your world.

Thank you.


Sessions and teachings are available on individual bases or in group settings.  Please check out my bio. for more specifics.

For years, the prophecies of the ancient Americans have spoken about the possibility of a new human appearing on the planet, one who lives free of fear and resides in his/her transcendent nature.  I also carry these thoughts, all teachings and appointments are provide as “spring board” to launch you to your desired goals. Here are examples of these beautiful traditions and services available:

Despachos, a beautiful Q’ero tradition.

Peruvian Shamans

These are offerings of flowers, prayers, sweets, grains and nuts given in gratitude to the Mother Earth, Heaven, ourselves, our families, our communities and the world.  These ceremonies provide us a space to honor the sweetness and connection to all things.

Earth-based healings: In honoring of all the elements of our world healing  sessions are provided.  I believe that what our Earth Mother provides us from flower essences, to ions, to magnet flows our healing and health is ever present.  All healings are given in conjunction to medical support.


I honor the many teachers and masters who have guided me along my path, many of these ceremonies are a mixture of their insight and teachings.  And many follow a specific protocol. Some ceremonies include a fire, teaching, and the honoring of our many spiritual influences as well as all the earth’s elements.  Links to specific teaching include www.thefourwinds.com , www.cssminisitryofprayer.com, www.dyingconsciously.org, www.munay-ki.orgwww.thegrandmotherscouncil.

I am honored to provide you services at your request. Is it not time for you to find time for renewal, release and re-connection.  Please contact me at 207-944-5825 or susan@mainesacredpractices.com.

Thank you and wishing you well-being.

Peruvian journey 2009

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