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Mission Statement

As I journey along with “Sacred Commerce”, one item that is requested is the development of a mission statement.  Well here goes:  The components to the desired business I wish to create are awareness, client based services, non-rushed setting, alternative … Continue reading

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Sacred Commerce via Matthew & Terces Engelhart

Travel with me as I journey through this insightful book.  The Engelharts present to us their views of the sacred insights into business ownership and operation processes:  Creating a sacred place, Be the space for all of it, Be in … Continue reading

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October 2011

Fall is here once again.  As we return to busyness of the world, garden harvests, the return to school schedules and the preparation of winter.  Take a moment and remember our ancestors and elders.  We stand on their shoulders and … Continue reading

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Reconnecting, 9/9/11

Thank you all for your comments and appreciations.  I have been struggling with the balancing of web sites, face book, e-mails etc.  You connection means alot to me.  Many of my daily thoughts are in face book and I am … Continue reading

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Thoughts about prayer

With gratitude to Gregg Braden, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, “if feeling is the prayer (of the lost mode), then when we pray for something to happen, while feeling as if that same something is missing in our … Continue reading

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A short story

Excerpt taken from Barefoot On Holy Ground by Gloria D. Karpinski “A women was very surprised when she walked into a new shop in the mall and discovered the Goddess behind the counter.  Of course, she wanted to know what … Continue reading

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Upcoming events for September. Remember action is necessary for change

Call 207-944-5825 or e-mail for more information, Meditation and sweat, September 4 New Moon Fire, September 9 Reiki Share, September 15 International Day of Peace, September 21 Full Moon Fire, September 25. Celebrate and give gratitude.   Take the time.

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