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Plans for the future

With sadness and excitement for the new, I must announced that the winter resulted in the collapse of the prayer lodge.  Much gratitude for the many wonderful community center activities.  Present plans are consisting of design investigation for a ceremonial … Continue reading

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Thoughts about prayer

With gratitude to Gregg Braden, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, “if feeling is the prayer (of the lost mode), then when we pray for something to happen, while feeling as if that same something is missing in our … Continue reading

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New research

The New York Times sites new research to the benefits of massage.

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A short story

Excerpt taken from Barefoot On Holy Ground by Gloria D. Karpinski “A women was very surprised when she walked into a new shop in the mall and discovered the Goddess behind the counter.  Of course, she wanted to know what … Continue reading

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Upcoming events for September. Remember action is necessary for change

Call 207-944-5825 or e-mail for more information, Meditation and sweat, September 4 New Moon Fire, September 9 Reiki Share, September 15 International Day of Peace, September 21 Full Moon Fire, September 25. Celebrate and give gratitude.   Take the time.

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