Susan Richardson, REV, LMT, BSW, Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Instructor, Facilitator, Holistic Practitioner, Earth-based Practices and Ceremonies

Minister of Walking Prayer

Sue Richardson

To give a short description of my work, I would probably say that I make available to you a multiple therapeutic practice. This practice includes many hands-on bodywork techniques including deep tissue massage, myofascial release and Swedish style techniques, as well as energy medicine protocols (including the Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Upleager craniosacral therapies, Zero Balancing, Burham Bodywise Techniques, therapeutic essential oils, Peruvian Inca traditional healing
modalities, luminous healing strategies, chakra cleansing) to name a few.
Dying Consciously teachings and supportive assistance to the dying and their families is also a speciality.  I am also honored to provide to you ceremonies, celebrations and honoring.
Recently I have incorporated services to children and youth.  These services have included meditation, nature awareness, compassionate touch, self-care and healing.
Besides providing direct hands-on sessions, I also facilitate and instruct individuals, groups and businesses in wellness, relaxation and stress management.
Other classes and discussions have included skill development, essences, forgiveness, soul/spiritual quests, and inner journey development.
The bases of much of my work stems from an earth base healing foundation and wisdom teachings. Over these many years, I have received teachings from the Four Winds Society, the Center for Sacred Studies and the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.  I recevied my ordination in April 2012 from the Center of Sacred Studies.
Since 2012, I have been participating in a multitude of courses primarily focusing on energy,  understanding the magnitude of our power and presence in combating the shifts and changes of our world.  I have become involved with the Maine Holistic Center and their mission of uniting, educating and supporting the Greater Bangor Community.  In June 2015, I joined the Green Gem Holistic Healing Oasis.
In all my provisions of service, I integrate the concepts of mind-body-spirit. These insights assists me in the development of sessions and services specific to your request.
I believe that situations are best addressed when our wondrous mind, body and spirit are also incorporated. The parts of ourselves which informs us of who we are and what we will become.
I also believe that wellness is achieved only through the incorporation of techniques that address our physical, spiritual and energetic bodies, both our conscious and unconscious awareness. I work not only work with the result of our lives (physical stress, pain, tension, loss of vitality) but also with those “themes” which follows us. Often what needs to be included to achieve well being is a change in perspective.
“When one changes their view, the world changes”
—Alberto Villoldo PhD
Throughout my work and journey to understanding, I have traveled to many lands and cultures. In these travels, I have received training and teachings (many of whom I have already mentioned); the Four Winds Society, the Center for Sacred Studies, the Indigenous Grandmothers of the World, Institute of Energy Medicine -Dying Consciously, Grandmother Whitefeather and many more. Out of these experiences what rings true in all is the power of love, gratitude, surrender and forgiveness.
You can access more of a dialogue through my Facebook pages.
I can also be reached at  my cell phone 207-944-5825 or e-mail
In Munay

May the heavens be reflected in the earth, Lord, That the earth may be turned into heaven. Sufi Prayer


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